Live Oil Charts

Please be patient for just a few seconds while the live oil charts load.  The real time charts below include two good representatives of how oil stocks are performing – the United States Oil Fund ETF (USO) and the Oil Services HLDRS ETF (OIH).  You can view any other oil ETF by clicking the enter name or symbol field (for some reason you have to click the right edge of the field) and adding the symbol.  Other oil ETF symbols include: PXJ, DBO, IYE, XLE and OIL.  Taking a look at all the oil ETF’s helps to give you a complete picture of what’s going on with oil stocks.  All the charts are completely interactive allowing you to draw out your own indicators, compare to other indexes, stocks or ETFs and switch to different time frames.  All default time frames are at 6 months, but you can view a 5 min intraday chart all the way to a 5 year chart to get a big picture view of the oil sectors.